7 Day Sugar Detox Diet Plan- How to Do It?

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One of the unhealthiest eating habits you may have is consuming too much sugar. However, many people believe that you must juice or cleanse in order to perform a detox. The problem is that high-calorie restriction diets and eliminating entire food groups for long term is not a healthy, or practical way to eat. Simply by eating wholesome, enjoyable foods that are high in nutrients and low in sugar you can keep you healthy for a very long time.

What is a sugar detox diet plan?

This plan is based on extensively studied and validated diets available, and is packed with nutritious foods. A sugar detox involves cutting sugar out of your diet. Instead of eliminating all sugar from all foods, it concentrates solely on added sugar. You can finally overcome your cravings for sugar and gradually improve your health by sticking to a diet plan that minimizes your consumption of sugar.

It is not possible to completely cut out sugar from your diet since it is present in all foods. A sugar detox, however, can help you develop healthy eating habits if you feel that you are becoming increasingly dependent on sweet foods and pleasures.

You should consume more fruits, veggies, fiber, healthy fats, and protein. You may experience withdrawal symptoms while following the diet plan, but they can be lessened by adopting overall healthy eating practices.

7 Day Sugar Detox Diet Plan


  • Breakfast: Baked Eggs with  Cheese and Spinach
  • Mid Morning Snack: Few Roasted Almonds
  • Lunch: Sweet pepper with Low Carb chees and mixed green salad
  • Afternoon Snack: 3 boiled eggs without yolk
  • Dinner: Baked chicken with spinach and mixed salad
  • Snack if needed: Low-fat yogurt 1/4 cup


  • Breakfast: 2 eggs omelet with mixed Veg
  • Mid Morning Snack: Few Raw Almonds
  • Lunch: Baked Chicken with Spinach and sweet pepper poppers
  • Afternoon Snack: Mix raw vegetables with spinach dip
  • Dinner: Ground chicken with spinach, mushrooms, and peppers sauteed in olive oil
  • Snack if needed: 1 baked cheese stick


  • Breakfast: Peanut Butter Protein Shake (without protein powder)
  • Mid Morning Snack: 3 boiled eggs without yolk
  • Lunch: Grounded chicken with Mixed Green salad seasoned with extra virgin olive oil & vinegar
  • Afternoon Snack:  2 eggs omelete with cheese
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken, Light Vegetable Soup (No carrots)
  • Snack if needed: Sugar-Free Vanilla Pudding with Chia Seeds


  • Breakfast: 2 eggs omelete with 1 sausage
  • Mid Morning Snack: 1 baked cheese stick
  • Lunch: Chicken salad made with grilled chicken and mixed vegetables
  • Afternoon Snack: Sugar-free peanut butter with celery
  • Dinner: Chicken stew with beans, cheesy baked Zucchini bites
  • Snack if needed: Low-fat cottage cheese 1/2 cup with cucumber


  • Breakfast: 3 eggs omlete with mix vegetables
  • Mid Morning Snack: A Bowl of mixed vegetables with any sauce
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup with Green salad topped with extra virgin olive oil & vinegar
  • Afternoon Snack: cucumber and tomato with feta cheese
  • Dinner: Low-fat Cheese Bread Sticks with Green Bean Salad
  • Snack if needed: Sugar-Free Vanilla Pudding topped with chia seeds


  • Breakfast: 2eggs omelete baked
  • Mid Morning Snack: 1/2 cup ricotta cheese
  • Lunch: Low-fat Cheese Bread Sticks with Green Bean Salad
  • Afternoon Snack: A bowl of raw vegetables with spicy dip
  • Dinner: Chicken Drumsticks seasoned with lemon and garlic with green salad
  • Snack if needed: 3boiled eggs without yolks


  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach & mushrooms
  • Mid Morning Snack: Cottage cheese 1/2 cup
  • Lunch: Vegetable Soup
  • Afternoon Snack: Few Pan roasted Almonds
  • Dinner: Chicken drumsticks with green bean salad
  • Snack if needed:  Sugar-Free Vanilla Pudding topped with chia seeds

How Much Weight Do You Lose on Sugar Diet

Your daily food intake, level of exercise, and way of living all impact how much weight you can lose by cutting back on sugar.

By following this diet plan and regular exercise, you can lose up to 8 to 10 pounds every week. And eliminating sugar will also help you to get healthier skin, lowers the risk of depression, and prevent you from chronic diseases.

Prioritizing Health after Sugar Detox

Above everything, keep in mind that diet is a spectrum. It’s not important to consume healthy food all of the time. It’s good to indulge in a sugar binge occasionally.

If you find yourself reaching for ice cream and processed meals more frequently than usual, it’s never a bad idea to step back and assess your nutrition. Consult your doctor or a nutritionist to see if there are any triggers that are leading you to consume more sweet snacks than you’d like.

From sugar-free meals with artificial sweeteners, to stress that you’re attempting to relieve with eating, it could be anything making you crave “sweet”. It’s always better to investigate, clarify, and understand whatever is causing your sugar cravings.

Got a Sugar Binge again?

The fastest way to Flush out sugar:

According to the study conducted by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), added sugar intake should not exceed 10% of daily calorie intake.

However, if you have had a sugar binge, there is a method in which exercise can support to flush out sugar fast.

When you consume sugar, your body performs a number of functions. It consumes the energy it needs right away, changes part of the leftovers into glycogen and stores it in the liver and muscles, and then takes any remaining energy and converts it into fat to store in your fatty tissue.

Knowing this is useful because when you exercise, your body uses both the glycogen in your muscles and the sugar in your blood for energy. To put it another way, exercising can help you perform a sugar cleanse if you’ve consumed too much sugar. What’s even more amazing is that as the intensity of the exercise grows so does the rate at which you burn off the sugar.

As confirmed by the International Sports Sciences of Associations, in other words, higher-intensity workouts increase carbohydrates burns and may potentially reduce glycogen stores, whereas lower-intensity workouts increase fat combustion

Side effects Of Eliminating Sugar:

Cutting down sugar from your diet may result in mental and physical symptoms. Everyone’s body responds differently to sugar restrictions. The intensity of symptoms depends on the consumption of sugar you were having through sweetened foods and drinks.

For some people, the duration of their symptoms varies from a few days to a few weeks.

According to a study at NCBI, the intensity of your symptoms and sugar cravings are likely to lessen, as you start to consume it less ,your body becomes used to a low-added sugar diet over time.

Your symptoms could be more severe at particular times of the day, including right before or right after meals. Cravings for sugar may be triggered by stress; therefore you might notice that stress makes your symptoms worse.

Symptoms include anxiety, mood swings, and cognitive issues like difficulty concentrating, cravings, and sleep patterns changes. Headaches, lightheadedness, and irritability are some of the other symptoms you might experience. Usually, they last for a few days or maybe a week.

How to overcome sugar diet side-effects?

If you’ve eliminated a high amount of sugar from your diet, you may start to have cravings. You can try a few different things to handle them. These consist of:

  • Consume more protein: According to a study, Protein can make you feel fuller for longer, which helps lessen cravings.
  • Take Enough Sleep:  Sleep is crucial for health, and research shows that obtaining enough of it may reduce cravings.
  • Do not overstress. According to studies, excessive stress has a similar effect to sleep and may result in cravings.
  • Avoid starving yourself. Eat nutritious snacks in between meals to avoid cravings, and consume enough calories throughout the day from nutritious sources.
  • Have a glass of water. Some people may develop sugar cravings as a result of dehydration.
  • Munch on fruit or nuts for snacks: When cravings strike, having healthy foods on hand rather than sweets might help satisfy your desire.

In conclusion, you’ve already taken the first step toward success by reading this article all the way to the end!

This 7-day sugar cleanse is much simpler to follow than you might imagine. You now have all the information you need about the 7-day sugar detox diet and how it can help you lose up to 10 pounds (in addition to other physical benefits) However, you have to accept that you will not be at your best for a few days after following this plan. And if you do indulge in sugary, carbohydrate-rich, or starchy foods, keep this sugar detox plan on go. It will assist you to get back on track very fast and keep all your energy levels up.

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