Apple Watch ultra and Apple Watch S8- Features, Pricing and Comparison


At this year’s “Far Out” Apple Event on September 7, the company introduced the brand new Apple Watch Series 8 along with the announcement of the Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch Series 8

According to Apple, The new Watch Series 8 is dustproof, swim-proof, and crack-proof. It also has come with many new functions such as an ECG sensor and A-Fib detection and also includes features like temperature sensors, crash detection, low power mode, and global roaming. The two sensors in its design allow it to detect changes of 0.1 degrees Celsius.

This series also has advanced the female menstrual cycle tracking feature. The new temperature sensor provides deeper and better insight into female health data, such as ovulation. Since your blood vessels expand as you sleep, it results in increased blood flow. This sensor measures your body temperature at that time and at night.  It has the ability of recognizing variations in body temperature and signals the beginning of periods.

The Apple Watch Series 8 will give you 18 hours of battery life, and in times of need, there’s a new low-power mode that can extend it to 36 hours. It will also disable features like always-on display and automatic workout detection which helps in saving battery life.

Apple Watch Ultra

According to the firm, the Apple Watch Ultra is designed for people who value powerful outdoor water sports and physical strength training and is designed to challenge the boundaries.

A new, editable action button is the main component. Now, you can start your training by pressing the Action button on the Ultra, switching between race legs for triathletes, and using the new Depth app while you’re underwater. With 36-hour battery life and a low-power workout mode, it would be possible to run a long race while receiving complete GPS coverage.

It contains three microphones and two speakers, which will help enhance the calling experience. In addition, it has been created in a way so that you can easily operate it even while wearing gloves. Apple has especially designed this watch for expert divers and extreme athletes.


  • Apple watch Series 8: Pricing for the Series 8 GPS model is $399, while the GPS+Cellular model is $499. The brand-new Series 8 will be available in the market on September 16th.
  • Apple Watch Ultra Pricing: The price for Ultra is $799 and will be available in the market on September 23rd.

Comparison-Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 8 series vs Apple Watch ultra

  • Case sizes

In comparison to its predecessors, the Apple Watch Series 7 boasts a larger, brighter, and more durable screen. Both the smaller and larger models’ displays have grown by 1mm.

While the Apple Watch Series 8 has sizes of 41mm and 45mm, and the Apple Watch Ultra is 49mm and does not offer a smaller or larger option.

  • Materials

Apple uses sapphire crystal for both the stainless steel and titanium variants of Apple watch series 7’s screen and Ion-X glass for the aluminum models.

The Apple Watch Ultra is only available in titanium, which makes sense considering its robust marketing, and the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra share the same glass for the screen.

  • Display

Apple introduced a brand-new display style with the Apple Watch Series 7 that has soft, rounded corners giving the impression that it blends perfectly with the glass.

The Apple Watch Series 8 shares the same aesthetic as the Apple Watch Series 7. The Apple Watch Ultra has a flat-screen area but the same curved casing. Apple claims that this will reduce display cracks.

  • Processor

The Apple Watch Series 7 is powered by a 64-bit dual-core S7 SiP. The product line now includes Bluetooth 5.0.

The Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra are both powered by a dual-core 64-bit S8 SiP. According to the company, this is 20% quicker than the S7. The W3 and U1 chips are also present in the latest models. The Apple Watch Series 8 continues to use Bluetooth 5.0, while the Apple Watch Ultra introduces Bluetooth 5.3 to the lineup.

  • Health & Fitness

Both the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8 have optical heart sensors with ECG features and blood oxygen sensors. 8 series updated the feature with the type of workouts and cycling detection option

A new temperature sensor is also included in the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra giving women important information about their health.

  • Battery

The apple watch 7 series has a battery life of 18 hours in total for a day whereas, the series 8 offers 18 hours of battery life and can be extended to 36hours by using the power mode option and Ultra gives 36hours of battery life.

  • Storage

All three models 7, 8 and Ultra of the Apple watch come with 32GB of storage.

Which one to Buy?

With its improved water resistance, emergency siren, depth gauge with water temperature sensor, longer battery life, and other features, the Apple Watch Ultra is an obvious pick for athletes.

Many of the same functions are present in the Apple Watch Series 8, lacking just a siren and action button. The decision of which watch to purchase is ultimately determined by a combination of budget and use cases or depends if really an upgrade required by the user.

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