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Your workout does not have to be limited to the comfort of your home or the gym. Sometimes when we go out on vacation, that means our workout routine takes a vacation too. But this does not always have to be the case. Even when you are out of town – on the beach, perhaps – you can still get your workout in! The sand, the sun, and the water make the perfect environment for you to both work hard and play hard! Here are a few routines you can do while on the beach to help you obtain or maintain that banging beach body.

Sand Lunges

Sand lunges are a seriously killer move that will have your legs feeling like Jell-O. Be warned though: the feeling of the sand is much different from your carpet floors or the sidewalk – so your knees will be feeling a bit different this time around. Nonetheless, lunges are great for building the muscles in your legs and hips, while also helping to lift and tone your rear!

  1. Take a step forward with one of your feet. Using your back knee, kneel down until your knee just brushes the sand.
  2. Lift back up and push your back foot forward, repeating step one with the opposite foot. Repeat about 10 times on each foot.

Beach Crawl

girl doing beach crawl

Something tells me that this workout is perfect for that beach getaway! This workout will have you imagining that you’re crawling through the trenches, trying to complete basic training – how epic is that thought! Being that the ground is not as stable as the grass-covered ground or the floor of a gym, this exercise is sure to give you a challenge that will be great for your glutes and hamstrings!

  1. Get into a plank position. Then on your hands and feet, begin to crawl forward.
  2. Do this for about a minute and then rest. Repeat the process. To give yourself an extra challenge, try doing this workout sideways or backward instead of forward!

One-Arm/One-Leg Planks

It’s no secret that planks are excellent for your arm and core strength. But when you take out one of your arms or legs – you’re in for a major challenge! Again, keep your environment in mind, because the sand is sure to give you a slight challenge as well. But I can guarantee that this workout will be the one that gives you the biggest challenge and the most benefits if you can make it through it!

  1. Get down into the sand in a standard plank position.
  2. Lift your right arm and left leg upward, balancing your weight between your left arm and right leg.
  3. Hold for a few seconds and repeat with the opposite arm and leg.


This workout is essentially running, but with a nice, wet twist! You may recognize this workout if you have ever watched sports teams or professional athletes work out. The rush and pressure of the water give a nice challenge to areas of the lower body and make your body work harder. For an extra challenge, try out a weighted vest! Once you get the hang of this workout, you might just feel like a pro athlete yourself! Just be careful, though – have a buddy with you in case of an accident.

  1. Starting on dry sand, run directly into the water. Run until you are waist-deep in the water.
  2. Once you are waist-deep turn and start to run across the water for a few minutes. The turn back towards the mainland and run back. Repeat.

Oblique Twist

The oblique twist is one of the easiest workouts to do at home, at the beach, in the gym – anywhere! All you have to do is grab a mat, sit down, and get to twisting! You can just hold your hands together and twist or you can amp up the intensity by adding weights or any sort of household item. This exercise is super easy, convenient, and a time-saver when you have a busy day ahead! Since this is beach-themed, we’ll use a bucket of sand, or you can use seashells!

  • Sit down, knees bent at a 90-degree angle, and a bucket of sand in your hands.
  • Twist at the hips, making sure to keep a hold on the bucket of sand. Twist from one side to the other.

Looking for other options to work out while on the beach? Try out these options for size:

  • Swimming – You’re at a beach, why not embrace the water a little? Swimming is an excellent way to work out your entire body and it’s an easy activity to do with the entire family!
  • Volleyball or Frisbee – Playing games on the beach are also a great way to work your body out with the family and even with the family dog! Just set up a net, grab a volleyball, and grab your family or friends! If frisbee is your game, grab a partner or your pet and get going!
  • Run – What’s better than taking a nice run along the water? Be careful; running on sand is much different than running on concrete or grass!


About the Author: JESSICA STARKS

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