women exercising to reduce big butts

For each exercise, record your numbers and try to increase the number by one every week. You can do this routine 3 to 4 times per week, once, twice or three times through.

Squat / Jump Squat

With your feet hip distance apart, sit back, pushing your butt to the back as you are maintaining a contraction with your abs. Keep your knees in line with your foot, avoiding passing your toes. As you come back up, squeeze your butt. / Add a Jump as you come back up to add on power and a cardio vascular component to the exercise.

20 to 30 reps

Lunge / with Foot on Bench

With legs hip distance apart, take a big step forward and bend both knees so that when they are 90 degrees, your lower chin is parallel with the floor. Keep your front knee in line with the center of your foot and your back straight. / You can also place your back foot on a bench behind you to add balance and stability to the exercise.

10 to 16 reps on 1 leg, then repeat on the other side

Step Up on Knee Up – Step Down Step Back Lunge / Bench / Jump up

Using stairs or a stable stool, step up with your right leg and lift the left leg up, knee bend at 10 degrees. Step down with the left leg and step back into a lunge with the right leg. / You can use a higher step, like a bench. You can also propel yourself jumping up, and then walk back down. (Do not jump down).

10 to 16 reps on 1 leg, then repeat on the other side

Side Lunge

Starting position with the right leg up, knee bend at 90 degrees. Step out to the side into a side lunge, bending the right leg and lengthening the left leg, pushing your butt to the back and keeping the chest open, maintaining the knees in line with the center of your foot. Push through the floor; bring your right knee back up. / Add a jump on the spot as you are coming back up.

10 to 16 reps on 1 leg, then repeat on the other side

One Leg Deadlifts

Starting position standing hip distance apart with both legs straight and 1 weight in your right hand. Hinge forward at the hip lifting your left leg up, straight back and lowering the weight towards the floor with a straight arm. Squeeze your butt to return to starting position.

8 to 12 reps on 1 leg, then repeat on the other side

Alternating Lunges / Plyometric Lunges

From standing hip distance apart, take a big step forward and bend both knees 90 degrees, keeping the hip distance apart as if you were stepping on a train track. Keep your back straight and your knee aligned with the center of the foot. Push back through your heel to return to starting position. Alternate your right and your left leg. / Once in the lunge position, jump to switch your legs, landing softly with your knees bend every time.

20 to 30 reps (10 to 15 on each side alternating)

Bridge / 1 Leg Up

Lying on your back, knees bend with your heels very close to your butt and squeeze your butt to lift your hips towards the ceiling. You can use your arms to press against the floor for added stability. Pulse up 16 to 32 times. / You can lift one leg straight up in the air and do 16 to 32 on each side

Round House Kicks

Kneeling on your hands and knees lift one leg out to the side at 90 degrees and while you maintain the leg up, extend the leg and return to 90 degrees, as if you were kicking a low target with your shoelaces. / You can do the same exercise standing in balance with one leg lifted to the side and your body leaning to the other side, keeping your back straight, and extending the roundhouse kick as if you were kicking a mid-height target with your shoelace.

16 to 24 reps on each side

1 Leg Squat 1 Side Leg Raise

Starting with one leg off the floor, squat with your butt back and your chest straight, lifting the other leg straight in front of you. Squeeze the butt as you come back to starting position and without putting your leg on the floor, lift your leg to the side and squeeze your gluteus medius (the side of your butt) and create resistance as you lower your leg down. / Add a jump as you lift back up from the squat.

10 to 16 reps on 1 leg, then repeat on the other side

Power Walk or Running

Of course, the good old power walks with intervals as you intentionally squeeze your butt and power through a few hundreds of meters and then walk – still at a good rhythm, just releasing a bit of intensity – and then powering up again in alternation. You can use the next streetlight as a guide and alternate from streetlight to streetlight. / You can progress this, by doing the same exercise with a sprint – run – sprint – run.

10 to 15 sequences either 10 sec./20 sec. – 10 sec./10 sec. – 20 sec./10 sec. – 10/30 – 30/10… or whatever combination works for you, keeping in mind that this is part of the workout…. so no slacking off! Be honest and dig deep!


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