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full body pilates

Traditional Pilates uses specially designed equipment with springs and bands for resistance. However, a full-body Pilates workout can also be done at home or in a class using just your own body weight for resistance. The following is a breakdown of 8 Pilates exercises that encourage full body toning and can be performed at home. Grab your mat and let’s get started!

1. The Pilates 100

This move is all about body positioning. You want to isolate your abdominals, and then make them work.

2. Abdominal Roll-Up

3. Intensified Ab Roll-Up

4. Shoulder Bridge: Lower Back

  1. With all the ab work you do in Pilates, it is important to have a strong lower back.
  2. Lay on your back, bend your knees and straighten your arms out along your sides.
  3. Engage your glutes and hamstrings as you lift your hips. In this move, your chest, hips, and knees should be in line.
  4. Tuck your pelvis under and don’t arch your back.
  5. Hold this position for 5 breaths, then slowly lower your hips one vertebrae at a time back to the starting position. Do 30 reps.

5. Intensified Shoulder Bridge

6. Letter T for Upper Back

7. Side Kicks for Lower Body

8. Wall Sits

Pilates works by positioning the body just so that the target muscle group is engaged, then working for that muscle group with very small, controlled movements. Positioning is everything, both for effectiveness and for safety. Use caution when you first begin Pilates, as it is quite intense. As with any form of exercise, adequate warm-up, stretch and cool-down phases are highly recommended. An hour of beginner-level Pilates done on the mat or at home burns around 250-300 calories. Adding Pilates to your existing workout routine will enhance your performance as well as endurance in other sports as well.


About the Author:  STACY ZIMMERMAN

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