iOS 16 Apple Release Date, Features, Price


Apple is releasing iOS 16 on September 12 in line with its proven history of software releases. The launch of iOS 16 took place in June at WWDC 2022.

Starting on September 12, iOS 16 will be accessible for most iPhone devices. The update includes many new features, including the option to edit and unsend texts and customize the lock screen. If you have a compatible phone, you’ll be able to install iOS 16 as soon as it is released.

iOS 16 Price:

Updates for iOS are always free! Not all phones can install it, but for those that can, there are no additional costs.

iOs 16 Features:

The following are some of the most prominent changes coming to iOS 16:

·         Focusing Times & Filters:

Depending on the situation such as when you’re in a particular place or using a specific app, a Focus may switch on automatically. For instance, many Safari tabs may open while you’re in work mode.

·         Battery percentage:

Apple changed the iPhone icon with the Face ID battery symbol to show the battery level as a percentage number rather than a visual representation.

·         iCloud shared photo gallery

Originally planned to be included in the first release of iOS 16, the iCloud shared photo library has been postponed to a later release. Basically, smart setup guidelines and recommendations, collaboration, and home screen widgets improve sharing and viewing of iCloud photos.

·         Edit and delete texts:

Unsend is supported by many messaging services, and now iMessage will have it as well. Even after you send a message, you can still make changes. You can make changes up to five times per message, and a history log will be available to show previous changes. You have two 7 (or ten seconds, if you’re sending an email) to cancel a text.

·         Shared Tab Groups:

Share Safari tab sets with friends, and you can even work together in real-time as they open and close tabs.

·         Siri Modifies:

With iOS 16, Siri can handle additional offline requests, hang up FaceTime calls for you, and send messages without requesting confirmation.

·         Upgrades to Accessibility

Improvements to accessibility include automatic live captions for audio, video, and conversations, including FaceTime video calls, and the ability to completely control Apple Watch from an iPhone. Magnifier mode can also detect persons and doors to read signs or labels.

·         Safety Check:

This new function is being added to the Settings app to assist you in circumstances where you urgently need to reset the access you’ve provided to others.

·         SharePlay through Messages:

Now you can share music, games, movies, and more with your contacts, directly through msgs.

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