Are you completely starting over and returning to the gym after taking a while off or are you a newbie to the gym? Whatever your case may be, kudos to you for deciding to make this healthy lifestyle change! This basic, non-intimidating 30-day fitness challenge is designed for beginners and will help you transform your body. Complete this challenge and dedicate the month of September to kick-starting fitness into your daily routine and making your health a priority!

Challenge Directions:

  • There is something scheduled for each day in the month of September, whether it is a total body workout or a rest day. The daily exercise assignments are listed below.
  • The first week starts with a single set, meaning that you are to complete each exercise and the designated number of repetitions once. As the challenge progresses, the number of repetitions and/or the number of sets increase. If the sets increase, you will complete the exercises and assigned repetitions more than once; the amount of times they are to be repeated will be indicated on that day’s assignment.
  • Repetitions are different than sets. Repetitions are the total number of times that you are supposed to complete a given exercise in a row. After completing the repetitions for each exercise, you will proceed to the next exercise and complete the assigned repetitions. Once you have gone through the entire workout, you have finished one set.
  • You can rest for 30 seconds before proceeding to the next exercise and you can rest for 5 minutes in between sets. Walk or march in place, while resting, in order to keep your heart rate up and your muscles warm.
  • These exercises are bodyweight-only, meaning that you will not need any weights. The only equipment that you will need is an exercise mat or a cushioned surface.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after the workout!
  • If you are not familiar with any of the exercises, review online resources to make sure that you are aware of the proper form for completing these exercises. This will help prevent any injuries from occurring.
  • Warm up for 5 minutes before beginning each day’s assignment as well as a cool down for 5 minutes after each workout. It is also recommended that you stretch after completing each day’s workout. This will help increase your muscular flexibility in addition to preventing injuries.
  • To get the most out of this challenge, try your best to have a clean, healthy, and nutritious diet!

About the Author: ELISE RIVERA

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