The trick to being healthy and active is that there isn’t just one easy trick. It takes hard work and dedication. To live an active lifestyle, you’ll need to develop healthy daily habits. Everyone has a different approach to fitness, and there are many paths to success. However, there are some important habits that many healthy women have that may be useful in your own life.

Below is a list of habits that may help you become active and fit. The key thing about every one of them, however, is that you have to do them every single day. Skip a day, and you risk losing the habit entirely. It is much easier to lose a good habit than to build it back up again.

Daily Diet Habits of Active Women

What and how you eat is arguably more important for your health than any physical exercise. Practice these healthy eating habits to lose weight and stay fit.

Eat Slowly

This is one of the hardest habits to build, because for many of us, eating fast is something we do without even thinking about it. By eating slower, you give your body a chance to actually process when you’re full. When your body sends you signals that you’re full, you will stop eating naturally, but if you eat fast, you’ll eat too much before you realize how full you are. Most of us have been taught from a very young age that we should finish everything on our plate during a meal. The truth is that if once you’re full, you should stop eating. Over time you’ll get a better idea of how much you actually can eat in one sitting, and you’ll simply serve yourself less.

Plan Your Meals

The next thing that will prevent you from overeating is planning out your eating schedule. Know what you’re going to eat, how you’re going to make it, and when. If you wait until you’re hungry to decide what to eat, you’ll end up scrambling to find something, which usually means you’ll eat junk. Plan ahead to prevent overeating.

Cut Out The Sugar

Big changes require big sacrifice. One of the best ways to cut sugar out of your diet is to stop drinking soda and other sugary drinks like fruit juice. In fact, beer and wine are better for you than most sugary drinks. Cut out the soda and watch as your waistline shrinks.

Get Some Fruits And Veggies On Your Plate

What percentage of every meal you eat consists of fruits and vegetables? Try to make every meal and snack at least half fruits or veggies. Eat fruit in the morning and vegetables throughout the rest of the day for best results.

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Eating more fiber is a great way to lose weight, because it tricks your body into feeling more full than it is. Plus, eating lots of fiber will help ensure that your digestive system is working smoothly, which means that your trips to that bathroom will be much more pleasant. Add some extra beans, fruits, and veggies into your diet to get the fiber you need.

Cut Out Processed Food

Frozen pizza or fast food may be delicious and tempting, but if you want to be healthy, you should avoid them. They are less satisfying and less nutritious than natural foods. Replace the processed crackers with an all-natural trail mix. You’ll feel better, and you’ll have more energy.

Don’t Over-Reward Yourself

It’s really tempting to want to reward yourself after a hard workout, or after sticking to your diet for a certain amount of time. The trouble comes when you overindulge in your reward. If you eat a pint of ice cream or a 20 oz soda after finishing a workout, you’ve probably undone all the work you just did. Instead, try healthier, smaller treats, like a piece of dark chocolate, or low-fat yogurt.

Have Healthy Snacks On Hand

Sometimes, you just get snacky. When that happens, it is a good idea to have healthy go-to snacks available to munch on. Snacks like Greek yogurt are filling and full of proteins and fiber, so they are good for you. Nuts are also a good snack to tide yourself over until the next meal without ruining your diet.

Daily Habits For Active Women

Of course, you still have to be active to truly be healthy. Get up and get moving to feel better and improve your endurance. These daily habits will make all the difference on the road to better fitness.

Go On Walks

Seriously. Walking can burn just as many calories as a run of the same distance, and it is a great way to keep yourself active and invigorated. Consider planning a daily walk around the neighborhood in the morning while you enjoy the crisp air.

Enjoy Your Exercise

If you hate exercising, you’re never going to be very good at it. The great news is that there are so many forms of exercise out there that there’s bound to be one your love. Try lots of different forms of exercises, and find one you enjoy doing. Some people love running, while others prefer weightlifting. Maybe your exercise passion is hiking in the woods, or rock climbing. Find what you love and do it.

Put Fitness First

If you don’t care about getting fit, it won’t magically happen. Women who are fit put time and effort in every day to make sure they stay that way. You have to stay committed to your fitness goals to develop healthy habits. If you find yourself skipping workout days, take a step back and reevaluate your priorities.

Lifestyle Habits of Active Women

Being an active and healthy woman goes beyond eating right and working out. The healthiest women design their entire lives around being healthy. You can too, if you adopt some of these active habits.

Sleep Right

The amount of sleep you get is paramount to your health, but what is even more important is a consistent sleep schedule. If you sleep for three hours one night and ten hours the next, you’re not doing your body any favors. Try to wake up at the same time every single day – even weekends – and your body will begin to fall into a natural sleep pattern.

Surround Yourself With Fit People

Being around other fit people will make you more fit. A group of friends who support you and your fitness goals will help you reach them, and they won’t stand in your way. Seeing your friends living healthy lifestyles will encourage you to do the same, and it will make your goals seem way more achievable.

Only Compare Yourself To Yourself

This is an important one, because it will determine your level of enthusiasm and self esteem. If you’re constantly comparing your body to other bodies, you are going to be constantly disappointed. Your body will never look like another person’s body. Instead, compare yourself to yourself. Watch as you become more and more fit, and use self-improvement as its own motivation.


Taking a moment every day to quietly reflect is a powerful tool that many women use to focus and reduce stress. Whether you meditate by practicing yoga or just simply sitting in a quiet place and clearing your mind, you’ll be glad you did. Meditating works wonders, especially for women who have hectic schedules.

Things Active Women Do Every Day

To become healthy and active, you must develop healthy daily habits. Learn to enjoy the process, and reward yourself for reaching milestones with your habits. Over time, they will become second nature. Being fit isn’t easy, but nothing worth it is.

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