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Smoothies are an excellent way to get all of your vitamins and nutrients every day, but it’s not always convenient to go out and purchase one from your local smoothie spot, cafe, or bookstore. Sometimes the only way to satisfy your craving the way you want to is to get in the kitchen and whip one up yourself! But how do you start? What about measurements? Is it still healthy? Here are seven tips to help get your smoothie-making skills on point!

1. Check Your Blender

Before anything else, let’s examine your blender. This may seem like the most obvious step, but many people do not realize that the main culprit behind their smoothie fails is their blender. Higher-powered blenders with strong blades are the ones you want to look out for. Are these kinds of blenders more expensive? Some may be, but not all are. There are plenty of blenders out there that are excellent and cheap; you just have to look for them. Don’t let your smoothies suffer because of a defective blender!

2. Get the Measurements Right

We’re all notorious for taking a recipe and throwing care to the wind, correct? And we all have been disappointed by the soupy, bland-tasting end results of our efforts – or, rather, the lack thereof – am I right? Well maybe it’s time that we started reconsidering this careless behavior and actually paid attention to the directions – especially the part that includes the measurements of each ingredient. This is so important because the amount of each ingredient takes a toll on the flavor and consistency of the smoothie in the end. So if you don’t want to get disappointed in your beverage again, you better use the proper amounts! 

3. Build A Base

One of the most important parts of the creation process of the smoothie is ensuring that you have a liquid base. This means that you can use something like milk (try soy or almond milk if you are looking to go dairy-free), fruit juice, coconut water or milk, or low-fat yogurt. The liquid base is important because it helps to set the consistency of the smoothie and keeps your solid items from damaging the blender blades.

4. Go In Order

When making your smoothies, are you used to just throwing everything in, blending it up, and seeing what happens? We’ve all been guilty of that before, it’s okay. Different orders work best for different people, but all can agree that powders, seeds, and solid items like ice and frozen fruit should go in first. Afterward, your fresher fruits, vegetables, and liquids can be deposited. Again, different orders work best for everyone, so be open to trying out different methods to see what you like!

5. Sweeten The Pot (Or Blender)

Do not use pure cane sugar to sweeten your smoothies! That kind of contradicts everything you were trying to do with the drink in the first place! Instead of sugar, use more natural resources of sugar, such as bananas, apple juice, or grape juice. You can also use maple or agave syrup to help the taste, but not so much! You don’t want to overdo the sweetness.

6. Pick Proper Fruit

Remember earlier when frozen fruit was mentioned? You will want to make sure that the fruit is of a fresher quality. Before you dump that fruit into the blender, you may want to ensure that the fruit is not freezer burned, beyond its expiration date, or compromised in any way. If you do not check your fruit first, you could easily be on your way to a not-so-tasty surprise when you first take a sip. That’s never a good feeling!

7. Express Yourself

Never be afraid to customize your smoothie the way you want! Play with color, take advantage of exotic fruits, use a different kind of liquid base – just do whatever you want to do! You are the one who will be enjoying the smoothie, so you might as well have fun playing around and making it your own, right? So do not shy away from messing with flavor combinations and textures. You never know what you may discover you like!

About the Author: JESSICA STARKS

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