cycling to improve sex life

From gained confidence to off-the-charts stamina, indoor cycling is a great exercise to compliment a great sex life. If you want the drive, energy, and capacity to maintain an active sexual life, give that bike more than a passing glance the next time you’re at the gym. Here are 10 ways indoor cycling will improve your sex life.

1. Cycling Gets Your Blood Pumping

Cardiovascular exercise like cycling gets the blood pumping, which can come in handy when you want to be in shape for another exercise session in the bedroom. A heart that’s well-trained through exercise can pump twice as much blood per beat as an untrained heart. Good blood flow leads to better workouts in both the gym and bedroom.

2. Cycling Improves Self-confidence

You know when you’re in a spin class that starts getting really tough and somehow you find a way to turn on something inside yourself, push through, and conquer the incline, speed, or other obstacles being thrown your way? That feeling of accomplishment you get after a tough class is something you can carry with you for the rest of the day – and night. Feeling confident in your physical abilities makes you feel sexier, and can even have an impact on the way others see you. Knowing you’re capable on the bike can help you to feel more capable in the bedroom.

3. Cycling Increases Your Lung Capacity

The more cardiovascular training in your routine, the more energy you have in your life. If indoor cycling is a regular thing for you (you’re attending one or more classes a week), you’ve likely noticed an increase in your energy level and your ability to breathe well. Imagine how much that will help you when you need to have the energy for a vigorous workout between the sheets.

4. Cycling Helps You Look Younger

When you get on a bike and start cycling, your circulation increases and oxygen and nutrients get delivered to skin cells more efficiently. This flushes away harmful toxins and helps promote collagen production, which can lead to a less wrinkled appearance. If you’ve noticed your partner seeming extra-attracted to you lately, thank your cycling.

5. Cycling Can Prime Your Body for Sexual Arousal

When University of British Columbia researchers observed the responses of women who watched a travel film and an erotic film after 20 minutes of high-intensity cycling, they found an increase in physiological arousal after the erotic film. There was no increase in arousal after the travel film. This suggests that the cycling may have helped to prime their bodies for sexual arousal during the erotic film.

6. Cycling Combines Endorphins, Testosterone and Adrenaline into a Sexual Cocktail

Reduced stress, a sense of pleasure and well-being, heightened sexual arousal and greater energy: endorphins, testosterone and adrenaline are to thank for all of these. The more time you’re spending on the bike, the more all three of these are being released into your body. Higher testosterone levels have been linked with a higher sex drive. Endorphins and adrenaline are responsible for runners’ high, that euphoric feeling you carry home with you long after your session at the gym is done.

7. Cycling Targets Your Legs and Glutes

Not only will having toned legs and glutes increase your attractiveness, it can also help you out when it’s time to do the deed. Having strong legs will help you out when you need it most: you’ll be able to carry your weight in your lower body and have the strength to get through a vigorous sheet session.

8. Kegels can Help You Engage Your Core on the Bike

Doing kegels during a spin class is a great way to engage your pelvic floor muscles, use your core, and get yourself ready for another workout in the bedroom. Periodically throughout a class or individual cycling session, check in with your body and engage in Kegels. This will help to keep your body lifted, engage your core, and protect your back.

9. Cycling Increases Stamina

If you want to have the energy for an intense sexual session, hitting the gym is a good way to get there. Cycling improves cardiovascular conditioning and makes it easier for you to perform high-intensity activities for longer periods of time. If you want to pull an all-nighter, start your day on the bike.

10. Cycling may Help You Sleep Better

What does sleep have to do with sex? Not getting enough of the former can lead to not getting enough of the latter. Being too tired for sex can cause a crimp in any relationship. Luckily cycling can help combat this. Stanford University School of Medicine researchers found that sedentary insomniacs who took up cycling for 20-30 minutes every other day ended up falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. Now get on that bike so you can go home and have some fun in bed.


About the Author: KRISTEN FORBES

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